Winter 2022
Student Project
Visual Design

For my user interface design class, I designed an app that enables musicians to remotely share and ideate on musical ideas, recreating the experience of an in-person creative collaboration process.


When collaborating with other musicians, whether it be in a band or a production group, singular, synchronous concentrated sessions are generally the norm to develop ideas. At the moment, existing solutions focus primarily on the moment of creation, when musicians and producers are on a digital workstation ready to record. However, ideas aren’t always formed when you sit down to create - when you’re in the shower, when you’re cooking a meal, musical ideas pop up at any moment.

Currently, users use voice memos and other unrelated audio capturing tools to record their musical ideas. When collaborating, constantly sharing and downloading files is inefficient, cumbersome, and discussions about ideas are not organized. For instance, as Apple users, sharing voice memos occurs within iMessage conversations - as such, conversations about music and conversations about miscellaneous topics overlap, thus making it difficult to keep track of a discussion about one’s musical idea/sound.


I chose the design to be functional, minimalist, and creative - this was achieved through limited use of the brand colour in combination with B/W. Brand colour is generally applied to interactive spaces to highlight the functional aspects of the app, aligning the functional aesthetic to its context of use (users want to quickly record and share an idea, users won’t be spending huge amounts of time on the app). A part of the creative and modern aesthetic is achieved through the use of typography, as the Work Sans font provides an embellished styling to general vanilla Sans Serif fonts.

When users join a group, they can see a list of ideas/sounds. By selecting record, users can record audio from their phone and share it amongst group members.
Desktop — Ideas within a group.
Desktop — Recording an idea.