Pikachu waving
Hi, I'm Jordan! Welcome to my corner of the internet.

I'm a UX designer based in Toronto, currently at LINCS, (Linked Infrastructure Network for Cultural Scholarship) designing user-centred tools for accessing and managing linked data.

I bring a unique perspective to the realm of UX design, rooted in my background in music—where every note, rhythm, and melody orchestrates an experience. As a pianist and conductor, I've spent years practicing to learn the intricacies of music, understanding its nuances, to craft experiences that resonate deeply with audiences.

However, my curiosity extended beyond the realm of music. As a perpetual learner, I'm fascinated about how the world works and how systems interconnect. This curiosity led me to UX design, a crossroads where technology and people converge. As a designer, I'm passionate about creating experiences that enrich lives and solves real problems. Whether that means diving into research data, or iterating on a mockup for the nth time, I'm always driven towards great design.